Student Accommodation

Management of the Halls

Each hall is under the overall charge of a Residence Master, whose main role is to provide intellectual and pastoral guidance, and to organize activities that will facilitate the learning process of residents. The Residence Master is assisted by the Residential Life Officer and/or Project Assistant(s), as well as a number of Hall Tutors who are postgraduate students..

There is a Residential Life Officer (RLO) and/or Project Assistant(s) (PA) in each student hall. The RLO and PA are full-time staff and are responsible for providing assistance to the Residence Master and organizing programs and activities that enrich the residential life.

There are also executive staff and attendants who are responsible for day-to-day operation of student halls.


Residential Programs and Activities

Hall residents are expected to be committed to campus and hall life. Learning opportunities for the development of students are almost limitless. Through living together, residents themselves will explore and develop new learning opportunities that suit their needs. For the benefit of individuals and the entire residential community, all residents, in addition to their academic pursuits, are expected to take an active part in programs and activities that organized by individual halls and Student Housing and Residential Life Office.


Off-campus Accommodation

Students who are not offered a residential place but still wish to live near the campus may approach the Student Housing and Residential Life Office for assistance. The Student Housing and Residential Life Office provides:

  • Information on accommodation available for letting;
  • Advice on legal and other aspects of renting accommodation; and
  • Guidance on house inspection.

Accommodation notices are displayed on notice boards next to the Off-campus Housing Section of the Student Housing and Residential Life Office.

Information on student housing is available at