Grades & Good Academic Standing

You will receive a grade for each course you complete. Grades are based on your performance in the final examination, tests, essays, reports, assignments, presentations or other forms of classroom participation and laboratory exercises that are set by the course instructor.

Course grades range from A+ to F, with F carrying zero credit. For the purpose of calculating grade averages, numerical grade points are assigned to each course grade, except for a few special grades that do not carry credits.

There are Three Grade Averages

  • Term Grade Average (TGA) is calculated across all courses taken in that term.
  • Cumulative Grade Average (CGA) is based on all the courses you have taken.
  • Major Cumulative Grade Average (MCGA) is based on the grade points earned for the courses used to fulfill the major requirement and, depending on the major, possibly also the corresponding School/IPO requirement for that major.

Transfer credits and a few special grades are omitted from the calculation of all three grade averages. All grade averages are reported using numerical points ranging from 0.0 to 4.3.

Good Academic Standing

You are required to maintain good academic standing, which means a CGA of at least 1.5 in each term. If your CGA falls below 1.5 at the end of any regular term, excluding the first point of CGA calculation after entry, you will be put on academic probation.

Students on Academic Probation are not permitted to register in courses without approval, and you may be required to reduce your study load.

You will remain on Academic Probation until your CGA rises over 1.5.