Course Information

Course details are given in the Course Catalog.

Each course has a course code that starts with four letters followed by four digits. The letters show the area / program of study or the department offering the course.

The course description will include a brief outline of the course contents and, where necessary, the medium of instruction, enrollment restrictions and reference books.

Here is an example

PHYS1002     Introduction to Astrophysics and Astronomy     [3 Credit(s)]

Prerequisite(s)            Level 3 or above in HKDSE 1/2x OR in HKDSE 1x Physics

Exclusion(s)                PHYS 1006, PHYS 4054

This course introduces students to the origin of modern astronomy, gravity, light and telescope, star light and atoms, stars (binary, formation, evolution, death), neutron stars and black holes, normal galaxies, peculiar galaxies, cosmology, the solar system, life on other world. Students without the physics prerequisite but have taken PHYS 1001 or equivalent may seek instructor's approval for enrolling in the course. 

In the example, PHYS1002 is a 3-credit course, students have to meet the prerequisite in order to enroll in this course.