Academic Honors & Degree Awards

Academic honors are bestowed on students to recognize their outstanding academic achievements both during their studies and on graduation.

Dean's List is awarded at the end of regular Fall and Spring terms when in that term, students who:

  • Are enrolled in at least 12 credits in the term
  • Pass in all courses enrolled
  • Achieve a term grade average (TGA) of at least 3.7
  • Have not committed any confirmed act of academic dishonesty

Academic Achievement Medal is awarded on graduation to students who:

  • Graduate from an undergraduate program
  • Have no record of course failure during their period of study at HKUST
  • Achieve an overall cumulative grade average (CGA) of at least 3.9 which, at least 60 HKUST credits are included in the calculation

Degree Awards

You must complete the following to be considered for the award of a bachelor's degree:

  • Earned at least 120 credits through approved courses or credit transfer
  • Completed the requirements of the University Common Core program
  • Completed the University English language requirement
  • Completed any requirements set by your school or IPO
  • Completed at least one major program requirements, or School requirements for a general degree under the School

Your degree will be classified as follows, based on your MCGA and overall CGA and the relevant University policies for degree classification:

  • First Class Honors
  • Second Class Honors, Division I
  • Second Class Honors, Division II
  • Third Class Honors
  • Pass