Class Enrollment

You need to complete your enrollment to attend the classes, sit for final examinations, and earn the credits associated with the course. Only courses in which you were properly enrolled will be recorded on your transcript. If you do not enroll in classes in a term, you will lose your status as a registered student of the University. You should check out the important dates and steps for class enrollment at the website of Academic Registry.

Class Enrollment in Student Information System (SIS)

Class enrollment is done online through the class enrollment functions of the Student Information System(SIS). You can access the system via “Student Center” in myPortal.

SIS contains essential information including

  • Course that will be offered in the term
  • Course descriptions, class schedule, instructors' names and quota
  • Your validation period and appointment to start class enrollment
SIS allows you to What this means
Add a class Get enrolled in a class
Drop a class Move out from a previously enrolled class
Swap a class Change from one enrolled class to another; dropping of the previously enrolled class is subject to successful enrollment into the new class
Wait for a class To be put on a waiting list for adding or swapping a course or a class