First Year Experience @Residence Program (FYE)

About FYE

The First Year Experience @Residence Program (FYE) is an exciting new initiative for first year HKUST undergraduate students. It is being piloted from 2017 with about 600 new students, locally from HK, mainland China and overseas. 

Imagine professors are not only met in the classrooms but as student residents' neighbors whom you can chat and interact in many occasions for wisdom, fun, food, sports and more. There is also a senior undergraduate student mentor (SUG) who are experienced, active and approachable to live with you and about 8 other fellow student residents as a buddy group. You all coming from diverse geographical origins, cultures, disciplines, aspiration, interests and hobbies will live nearby on the same floor or other. There are FYE activities of different themes you all can participate inside the residence hall, on and off campus. You all should gain some remarkable experiences and share unforgettable stories in the first year journey and beyond.


Hopefully FYE participants would find themselves a smooth transition to university life and study through friendships and supports from professors, senior year student mentors and peer fellows who live and thrive together at HKUST.

Enrollment and Selection Schedule


Random selection of student residence applicants for FYE

  • Aug 11 About 600 first-year students, who have applied on-campus housing, will be assigned randomly into UG halls that participate in FYE in the first-round lottery.
  • Aug 13 Pre-selected students can choose to opt-out if they do not wish to join FYE. Their application will then be placed back to the normal housing procedure and their housing offer (if any) will not be guaranteed for one-year.
  • Aug 14 Second round of random selection will be arranged to fill the spaces from students who opt-out from the program.
  • Aug 15 Student applicants will be notified of program details if they are successfully assigned to participate the FYE.

Launch of FYE 

Students who successfully enrolled in FYE will be eligible for on-campus housing with a duration of one year.