First-Year Experience (FYE) @Residence Program

About FYE

The First-Year Experience (FYE) @Residence Program

Providing mentorship and learning support, the First-Year Experience (FYE) @Residence Program helps new students adapt to university life and engage fully in residential programs and hall communities.

We aim for the following for new students:

ADAPTATION: Living in a peer group led by senior students and residential staff serving as mentors.

DIVERSE COMMUNITIES: Developing a sense of belonging through respectful interaction with fellow students, faculty, and staff of diverse backgrounds and interests.

PERSONAL & SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT: Applying what they have learned in residence to enrich their own lives.

The FYE Hall Orientation Camp and the SUG Mentorship Program form the backbone of the FYE Residence Program and lay the foundation for an active and rewarding year-long residential life at HKUST.

The orientation camp for all FYE participants is organised in collaboration with Residence Masters and SUG Mentors in mid-August. During the orientation, these new students would have the opportunity to get familiar with the UST campus, form bonds with other new students, SUG mentors, and their Residence Master.

In addition, Residence Masters would tailor hall-based programs for their residents throughout the Residential Year, with SUG Mentors playing an important role in assisting these programs.


Enrollment and Selection Schedule


Random selection of student residence applicants for FYE

  • Aug 11 About 600 first-year students, who have applied on-campus housing, would be assigned randomly into UG halls that participate in FYE in the first-round lottery.
  • Aug 13 Pre-selected students can choose to opt-out if they do not wish to join FYE. Their application would then be placed back to the normal housing procedure and their housing offer (if any) would not be guaranteed for one-year.
  • Aug 14 Second round of random selection would be arranged to fill the spaces from students who opt-out from the program.
  • Aug 15 Student applicants would be notified of program details if they are successfully assigned to participate the FYE.

Launch of FYE 

Students who successfully enrolled in FYE would be eligible for on-campus housing with a duration of one year.