Enrichment Talks, Tours & Workshops

Don't miss these practical, essential and fun enrichment activities. All new students are invited to attend the induction talks, workshops and tours organized by Library, ITSC, CLE, Student Affair Office, Centre for the Arts, Entrepreneurship Center and Academic Registry of the University. You will expect to get an idea about those academic skills you need for studying in a university, programs that support an active student life and promote personal development, as well as resources you can tap on to assist your study in HKUST.

Academic Resources and Support Services

Student Personal Development Workshops

Aug 17, 23 & 31 Eat Smart! (ES)
Aug 21 Building Meaningful Friendships in University (EFU)
Aug 22 & 31 Exploring Diversity for Success (EDS)
Aug 23 & 30 Goal Setting for Personal Enrichment (GSPE)
Aug 21 Non-verbal Communication (NVC)
Aug 22 The Art of Socializing (AS)
Aug 22 & 24 Psychology of Building Friendship and Charisma (PBFC)
Aug 22 & 24 Psychology of Finding Your Way (PFW) 
Aug 23-24 Psychology of Happiness (PH)
Aug 23 & 29 Psychology of Smart Learning (PSL)
Aug 23 & 29 Building a Resilient Habit (BRH)
Aug 25 On Your Mark! Get Set! (Orientation Session for International Students) (OIS)
Aug 28 University Years To Go (Orientation Sessions for Mainland Students) (OMS)
大学生活来了 (内地生迎新活动)

Personal Enrichment Workshops

Aug 24-25 & Sep 4 Meet & Greet Sessions: Redbird Leadership Community (BRED)
Aug 22-25 Experience Arts (AFP, ALP)
Aug 30-31 Experience Sports (ESW)


Enrollment for all new undergraduate students should be open from Aug 9 on. Mark your calendar and come back to enroll.

The duration of each talk, workshop and tour varies and may range between 30 minutes to 3 hours. Advance enrollment is required, which is accepted on a first-come-first-served basis. You are welcome to join as many as your schedule permits.

If you cannot attend after having reserved a place, we expect you to release your place to other students through the Manage My Orientation page. Please do so at least one day before the scheduled event such that other students may pick up your place.