Orientation Program for Local Students

Welcome to HKUST!

The orientation period is the best time to familiarize yourself with the campus, meet people, make friends, and find out what your program of study is about and how you can get prepared for classes commencing on 2 September.

A full orientation program is ready for you, including School Welcome and Induction session, orientation talks/workshops, student orientation camps, and the New Student Convocation. You may use this Important Dates & Events Checklist to track progress of essential events and procedures you need to complete in August and September.

Read on for more details. Join and enjoy!

School Welcome and Induction Sessions, Academic Advising Sessions
Compulsory Events of the Healthy Lifestyle Course
•  Health and Fitness Assessments
•  Getting Started@HKUST & HLTH1010 Course Introduction
Orientation Talks/Workshops

School Welcome and Induction Sessions
School Welcome and Induction, and Academic Advising sessions offer useful information and guidance about your program of study, help you plan your progress towards graduation, and offer useful advice for transiting to a new way of life in Hong Kong and HKUST. Staff and senior students will be there to answer any questions you may have about your academic study and campus life. All students are expected to attend.

Compulsory Events of the Healthy Lifestyle Course
The Healthy Lifestyle Course (HLTH1010) is a compulsory, one-year course for all undergraduates. You will learn how to maintain a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle that will help you to effectively manage your life, learning and work.

As new UG students, you should attend the 2 compulsory events in August 2013: "Health & Fitness Assessments" and Getting Started@HKUST & HLTH1010 Course Introduction (CIGT) session. If you cannot attend any of the above events, you MUST contact the Healthy Lifestyle Course Office (Tel: 2358 8586 Email: hlstyle@ust.hk) to discuss alternative arrangement.

Health and Fitness Assessments
The assessments help you understand your current general health condition, body composition condition and physical fitness condition. After completing the program registration for 4-Year Degree Students on 12-14 August, students should go to the S H Ho Sports Hall to take the assessments. Click here for more details.

Getting Started@HKUST & HLTH1010 Course Introduction (CIGT)
Through joining the Getting Started@HKUST & HLTH1010 Course Introduction Session, you will find out what you need to know live and learn harmoniously in a diverse environment, and to tailor a path for your first year success. You will hear stories from senior students about how they made the most of their university experience, get some tips for better transition from high school to HKUST, sort out opportunities for success in first year and beyond. You will learn about the Healthy Lifestyle Course (HLTH1010) requirements and the wide range of resources to support students in leading a healthy and happy life on campus.

The Getting Started@HKUST & HLTH1010 Course Introduction are required activities of the HLTH1010 Course. You should attend one of the 6 sessions to attain 3 hours in the “Orientation” module of the HLTH1010 Course. Click here for more details.

Advance Registration is required.

Orientation Talks/Workshops
A series of talks/workshops are organized by the University to help new students get an idea about the academic skills they need for studying in a university, programs that support an active student life and promote personal development, as well as resources they can tap on to assist their study in HKUST.

These talks and workshops are held during 14 August - 3 September 2013. You are welcome to join as many as your schedule permits. Advanced online registration is required. Early booking is recommended as these courses are usually very popular.