The checklists aim to help you identify useful and important induction and orientation activities and tasks to enrol, join and complete. 

To keep track of your completion of the checklist items, you can download “USThing ”, an all-in-one mobile app that provides a convenient access to IT services offered by HKUST and other handy tools for HKUST students.  Search for “USThing” on App Store or Google Play for downloads.

Important reminders:

  • Please refer to specific information pages within this FYS website, Schools' websites and also email notifications for the most update information and schedule.

Other tools

  • Mark your calendar with all important dates for action and/or attendance. Referring to checklist pages for specific groups of students, you may see a calendar link  and ID. Import only one of the calendars to your own google/outlook accounts (HOW). Some of the calendar items are in general relevant to a specific group of students. You should read carefully each calendar item/reminder to see if it is School specific or relevant to you.