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23 April 2017 - 29 April 2017
Healthy Living Festival 2017

Zumbalates is a mixed class of 30 minutes Zumba fitness, high impact dance aerobics, while enjoying the South American salsa, Merengue, Raggeton Beats which is mood uplifting! Getting a full body workout. Followed by a Pilates, core strength, body stretch and tone cool down. Research shows that exercise can help reducing stress and becoming more relaxed, improving memory, making you feel positive about yourself and your life, feeling energetic throughout the day, sleeping better at night, and it's good for our mental well-being and effective for Depression and Anxiety. So, why not try out our mindful-zumba-pilates? This workshop may involve dance and exercise movements. Sportswear or loose fitting long pants are recommended as it enables you to move freely and enjoy the body workout.

Date: 24 Apr 2017 (Mon)

Time: 14:00 - 15:00

Healthy Living Festival 2017
Self-Compassion under pressure 在壓力中自我疼惜,在逆境中找到安穩

The China Women's National Volleyball Team took five consecutive World titles in the field of women's international volleyball in the 1980s, but it had an unstable development in the 1990s. Being a former Team Player, Ms Yue Sun (孫玥) will share with us her life experience as a professional national athlete with intensive practices and countless successes and failures throughout the training and international competitions. How the obstacles and adversity she faced has shaped her to have a strong ability to persevere through difficulties and withstand negative circumstances. Ms Sun will talk about how she takes self compassion as her companion to gain success and peace in both her volleyball and personal life!

Date: 27 Apr 2017 (Thu)

Time: 16:00 - 17:00

Healthy Living Festival 2017
I criticise, therefore I improve? 我批判, 故我進步?

我們每天努力學習新知識、接受新的思想、努力面對挑戰,期望獲得別人的認同和尊敬。當面對自己有不足的時候,我們會期望透過不斷改進自我,以成為理想中的自己。在追求進步的過程中,內心可能會感到挫敗,甚至於批判自己,導致我們一直感到煩惱和痛苦。 是次講座探討如何面對生活所帶來的壓力、減少因自我苛責而受苦,以及如何照顧自己的情緒、善待自己,讓紛擾的心得到安寧。 Every day we strive our best to acquire new knowledge and receive challenges, hoping for excellence and improvement. In the pursuit of excellence we will be distracted by other people’s success, and sometimes even criticise ourselves. Will criticising ourselves lead us to completion? Or eventually, lead us to desperation and frustration?

Date: 28 Apr 2017 (Fri)

Time: 14:00 - 15:30

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