President's Welcome

Checklists for Action Items

The checklists are extremely important to help identify major requirements and critical dates for action, enrollment and participation. Check out yours: JUPAS (local) | Local (other qual.) | International & Mainland | Exchange students.

University Induction Activities

School Orientations

There are important academic advising sessions, peer mentoring and orientation activities to welcome and guide you through for the first academic term and beyond. Read carefully your School's schedule SBM | SENG | SSCI | SHSS | IPO and reserve yourself to attend.

School Orientations

University Induction for All

Enrichment Talks, Tours & Workshops

Enrichment Talks, Tours & Workshops

Enrich your knowledge and get equipped with skills for academic success, personal and social development, broader career outlook. Enroll from Aug 8 on to reserve your seats

Student-led O' Camps
Tours: Explore & Discover Library @HKUST

Learning is sweet! Let's explore the beautiful & inspiring Library! Discover our cool collections & useful services. You will also learn to login to your Library account, reserve a study room, request a Kindle, and more. Enrol & join a tour to have a good start for your academic study.

First Year Experience (FYE) Program @Residence

First-Year Experience (FYE) Program @Residence

Live and thrive together with professors, senior year student mentors and peer fellows at residence hall throughout your entire first year. Let the journey begin by joining the FYE Hall Orientation Camp on Aug 18-19. Learn More  

English Day Camp: Explore the Unexplored

Language Day Camp: Explore the Unexplored

Visit & lunch in Sai Kung on Aug 26. Talk on language learning at HKUST plus current students’ sharing. Explore the beautiful campus. Dine at Hang Hau Village. Learn more

My Checklist

Student-led O' Camps

Join our O' Camps organised by student groups and societies. You will make new friends, understand more about HKUST and your studies, and adapt to the new life and culture of the University. Participation is on voluntary basis. Learn more


Personal Development Workshops

President's Welcome

HKUST soars because of what we can achieve individually and collectively. May your next four years here be filled with promise, adventure and fulfillment! Read the full welcome speech

Student-led Welcome Fair

Be the Dreamer and the Doer

HKUST will inspire you to create, to connect, to contribute and explore possibilities and help you build on them. You are the one however to direct your study and development. Envision my first year and beyond: Direct My Study | Serve and ImpactExpand My NetworkPrepare for the Future | Relax and Have Fun 

Sep 1 - Welcome Dinner

Adverse Weather & Make-up Arrangements

Please refer to Adverse Weather & Make-up Arrangements in case of different adverse weather signals and warnings. Refer to Hong Kong Observatory for current weather conditions and forecast and description of the warning signals and symbols.